Misconceptions about Programming language

Let's discuss some of the important questions which every engineering student comes across when it comes to learning programming. 

Sat Mar 6, 2021

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There are a lot of misconceptions among Engineering students related to
Programming Languages (PL).

I will try to answer most of the questions I get from students who seem to confuse them.
Below are some of them: 

 Which programming language should I start? 
C is the best PL if you want to learn the basics and how everything works in detail. If you know C, you can learn any PL easily. Once you learn the important topics in C (Data type, Array, Pointer, etc) It is more than enough for a fresher. In the future, you can learn the language as per your company's requirements. Learn Java for desktop or Android app, Python for ML/Data science, Javascript for Web Development, etc. 

Does PL matter in interviews? 
For some companies it does, but for most of the companies, it hardly matters. In interviews, they ask just basic concepts of PL which you will learn in your academic subjects. Companies provide training on languages they use. The main focus is on Data structures, Algorithms, Logical concepts, problem-solving skills. It hardly matters in Product based companies for Freshers. 

 How to learn PL and from where to start? 
There are multiple sources  (Online courses, videos, books ). Start with whatever is comfortable to you. Start with basic syntax, understand how it works, and used. Implement small programs using it. Then dive into deep concepts. Do not copy-paste.

 Does knowing multiple languages add any benefits?
There are many PL in the market. And after working with and having experience in multiple languages, I have observed that most of the languages boil down to the same concepts with just a little bit of syntax difference. But if you know any 1 PL, it will be very easy to learn other languages. So whatever you learn, make sure you know in and out everything about it conceptually.  

 Which PL has more demand (Highly paid)?
Do not fall into this trap. Each language has its own significance and application. The important thing is you should know in detail whatever you are learning. C, Java, and Python are in demand currently but this trend changes according to time so focussing on core concepts will put you in a safer position.  

I started with C, then learned the basics of Java, Python, Javascript as per the Project requirements. But now I am working in iOS development ( Swift and Objective C ). I do not remember Java or Python which I learned in my college, since I do not use it.

The point I am trying to make is knowing multiple languages will not add any benefit. You can always learn any language if your basics are strong. A language is just a tool, it keeps on changing. So being a fresher, do not focus too much on learning languages. Focus more on problem-solving skills, language is secondary. Knowing C concepts in detail and any one of the Object-oriented language (Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, etc) basics are the ideal situation for a fresher. You never know which PL you will work on in the future as it keeps on changing. 

Good Luck! Happy programming to you! 

Rushabh Singh
- Software Engineer at Carwale

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