Everything you need to know about placements!

access_time 2021-03-12T04:59:28.582Z face Rushabh Singh
Everything you need to know about placements! One of the best ways you can prepare for a campus placement is by knowing about the complete procedure! Hello World! Here are some important points you can consider to prepare for placements and get the job you want in the company you aspire to work for...

Misconceptions about Programming language

access_time 2021-03-06T06:33:02.159Z face Rushabh Singh
Misconceptions about Programming language Let's discuss some of the important questions which every engineering student comes across when it comes to learning programming. Welcome to MID Blogs! Hello World!!! There are a lot of misconceptions among Engineering students related to Programming Langua...

What if you get into a Tier-2 or Tier-3 College?

access_time 2021-01-11T14:53:28.058Z face MathsInDepth
Welcome to MID Blogs! Worrying about not getting into a good college will not help you! You have to find ways that can help you in achieving your dreams by overcoming all the disadvantages you get from getting into not so good college. Here are a few things you can do once you enter your first year ...

Engineering World

access_time 2021-01-05T16:49:16.11Z face MathsInDepth
Engineering World! If you’re looking for the most in-demand positions in computer science right now, you would need to look at the industry trends. AI, cloud computing, IoT, and cybersecurity are the rising fields in tech at the moment and they are projected to grow more in the coming years. Welcom...
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